BIO Derma Eye Device (EMS and RF)
BIO Derma Eye Device (EMS and RF)

BIO Derma Eye Device (EMS and RF)

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Microcurrent and RF BIO Eye Derma: Tightens, Rejuvenate and Lift for the Eyes

Eye care: Exercising and firming eye muscle, improving muscle elasticity, reducing wrinkle and pouches, relieving eye tiredness and lightening of the dark circles.

In general what does EMS and RF device do?

This device delivers an electrical current to your facial muscles. It isn't about erasing fine lines. It's much more about lifting, draining lymphatic fluids, and contouring. The use of electric currents stems from physical therapy treatments used to speed up healing process.

How does it work? 

This facial device basically re-educate the face muscles. Thirty two different facial muscles are manipulated with metal probes to physically move the muscles into the desired / improved position. The sensation is tingly—you can feel and taste the electric currents at work. This tiny electric current to mimic the cells’ own bioelectricity, supporting and regulating the cells biological processes. This activity improves cellular turnover and ATP, the fuel that powers cells. The process allows cells to deliver nutrients and get rid of waste more efficiently and increase the performance of the cells. It primarily lifts and tones the muscles and you can think of it as going to the gym but for the face.

What are the beauty benefits? 

Microcurrent promotes healing from sun damage and inflammation, and increases collagen and elastin production. The high frequency electrical signals reach deep into the facial muscles and surrounding tissues to promote circulation and collagen production, as well as cellular repair and regeneration.

Who benefits most from this? 

Anyone who wants to regain youthful volume, glow and lift. Microcurrent is one of the most effective non-invasive anti-aging treatments.

Microcurrent technology has been used by alternative medicine practitioners and physicians for over a century to treat an array of injuries, wounds, soft tissue damage and bone fractures. Scientists have found that microcurrent treatments trigger the body’s production of amino acids and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which accelerate cell repair and promote healthier cell production, making it a highly-healing, restorative and regenerative treatment.

How much does it cost? A facial is around USD200 - 350/facial. It is recommend that one commits to a series of 3-5/month, so you can really retrain the facial muscles. After that, regular maintenance treatments are recommended. Basically you spend a minimum of USD 2400 - 4200/year for basic 1 time/month results.

Why not invest in a good handheld home microcrrent device for the price of 1 facial? 


When applied with our SkinPro product - one sees almost immediate affects depending on age and skin conditions:


(after 7- 10 days – otherwise 3-4 weeks)





(after 1 day – otherwise up to 2 weeks)






(after 1-3 days – otherwise up to 2 weeks)



 Features of Device:

1. Wrinkle reduction-Face: Firming eye muscle, reducing facial wrinkle, regaining elasticity of muscle and thus lifting the face.

2. Wrinkle reduction-Neck: Improving muscle elasticity, tightening of the skin, reducing wrinkles on the neck and relieving muscle drooping on the neck.

3. Eye shapping: Firming and shaping eye outline, trimming the chin and sharpening the frontal bone to create desirable lifting effects.

4. Trimming jaw and double layer Chin: Firming and shaping of the jaw and trimming the double layers chin.

5. Shaping frontal bone and tightening of the cheek: Exercising eye area muscle, firming loosened cheek, trimming frontal bone, relieving fine wrinkle and enhancing the cheekbone lifting effects.

6. Eye care: Exercising and firming eye muscle, improving muscle elasticity, reducing wrinkle and pouches, relieving eye tiredness and lightening of the dark circles.

7. Black eye tending: Smoothening eye adenoid circulation, water retension and diminishing eye fatigue and dark circles.

8. Healthy growth of the cell, tightening and wrinkles removing with supplying electricity to cells.

9. Increases the absorption of serums and creams to the deepest epridermal layers of your skin.

11. Enhance collagen by 60% and elastin by 73%, accelerate skin regeneration and lift canthus.

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