DNA Cosmeceuticals Rapid Skin Whitener
DNA Cosmeceuticals Rapid Skin Whitener

DNA Cosmeceuticals Rapid Skin Whitener

Formulated by our team of cosmetic pharmacists with Alpha Arbutin and other powerful lightening agents, the DNA Cosmeceuticals Rapid Skin Whitener can quickly fade dark spots, even out skin tone, and remove other skin discoloration arising from hyperpigmentation and melasma.


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When too much melanin builds up in the skin, it begins to cluster and form discoloration at the skin’s surface. This skin lightener penetrates the skin’s epidermal layers to combat the overproduction of melanin and breaks up and disperse these clusters before they manifest visibly at the skin’s surface. This removal of melanin clears the path for fresh, healthy, and lighter skin cells to take their place and return an even skin tone.

This product is fortified with Alpha Arbutin, a natural berry extract that outperforms other similar products containing Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid. By blocking epidermal melanin biosynthesis, participants in a study using a 1% Alpha Arbutin concentration saw dramatic improvement to dark spots, liver spots, and UV ray overexposure, outperforming the results experienced by a control group using other lightening agents.

For the appearance of brightened skin, apply a pea to a dime size amount of serum around the eyes, face, neck, and/or desired location the body twice a day, or as needed.
Smooth gently into skin after cleansing and foaming.
Allow serum to absorb fully before following with a moisturizer.
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