Bold and Grandious Authentic 100% 925 Sterling Silver Basic Snake Chain Bangle  - choice of classic clasp or heart clasp


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A chrismatic piece goes a long way. The Authentic 100% 925 Sterling Silver Basic Snake Chain Bangle is a modern piece that shows charisma for any wearer. This fun and edgy bracelet is made of pure 925 quality silver. At the opening, it captivates as it showcases a beautiful bead that makes any wrist unique and adorned in fun. This piece can also be worn in a stackable way or even with charms!

This SIR for HER basic charm bangle (comes without the charms) has a clean, elegant and modern look. It's made from pure sterling silver. Can be worn individually or stacked. Transform the bangle from daytime to evening wear by adding your favorite sparkling charms. We have many different charms which you may purchase separately.

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Material:100% 925 Sterling Silver and Clear cubic zirconia (where applicable)

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