Rhodium Plated 925 Sterling Silver SIR for HER Cubic Zirconia Heart Shape Pendant Necklaces


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Rhodium Plated Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Diamond Zirconia Heart Shaped Pendant:

  • This particular gorgeous and very popular SIR for HER heart pendant with diamond zirconia is made of solid sterling silver, electroplated with rhodium. Sterling silver is 92.5% true silver. Over time, sterling silver tends to develop a mellow patina caused by oxidization, which results in an 'antique' look where tarnish builds up giving the jewelry a beautifully unique air. Some may not appreciate the aspect. To make your jewelry tarnish resistant, we plate the sterling silver with rhodium. The electroplating saves you most of the trouble of cleaning and polishing, but if your sterling silver does become tarnished, there is no reason to panic. After all, the tarnish is telling evidence that you have bought real sterling silver from a trustworthy seller, and you can clean the tarnish away using a soft cloth with a little toothpaste.
  • Quality guaranteed or return in 7 days
  • Made from clear Austrian crystal
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