Vintage and yet Elegant Amethys on Black Gold Filled Ring  - available in Emerald / Sapphire / Black and Pink simulated 


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Every woman needs a statement ring that complements her perfectly, give her the gift of the Elegant Gem Ring. Adorned with beautifully cut gems at the center, this ring has no problem creating a look that highlights the glamorous side of a woman. The Elegant Gem Ring also showcases a beautiful jet-black ring setting that's versatile and goes with any ensemble.

Shipping Policies

Basic delivery is 2-3 weeks

Express Delivery time is 6to 13days. Orders for US, Canada, UK, Australia and the Asia Pacific have a minimum shipping fee of USD60. For orders to other destinations, please contact us directly for quote: [email protected]

Ring Size

Please refer to the international size chart below:

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